tower-summit-circle-blueJMH Lusby Ltd specialises in getting your systems ‘talking’ fluently to each other. This eliminates the risk and cost of error-prone human data re-keying.

We build robust solutions that typically run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which automatically retrieve, translate, send and receive data between disparate systems.

With 20 years' expertise in serial communications, networking, TCP/IP and process control systems.

Our clients are mostly in the oil industry, typically interfacing with terminal automation systems, pipeline control systems and supervisory systems in a bulk fuel distribution environment.



  • .NET
  • Active Server Pages
  • ASP .NET
  • Ajax
  • JDBC
  • SQL Server
  • SQL (including Transact-SQL)
  • IBM WebSphere MQ
  • MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queueing)
  • Data queues
  • Serial port servers
  • Protocol analysers


  • Windows/Windows Server
  • System i  (aka iSeries, AS/400)



  • PLCs
  • Proficy iFix
  • Bosch Security Video systems